Mettams Pool

North Beach – Swimming Attraction

Mettams Pool has a safe ocean swimming pool for children and the elderly in the northern Perth suburb of North Beach.

The popular swimming location was originally called Lennards Pool but the name was changed in the 1940’s to Mettams Pool after a local resident Frank Mettam.

Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool

Urban legend has it that Frank Mettam used explosives to open up the reef so his wife could go down to the beach for a swim.

However the real story is not nearly as exciting, with Frank and his family manually removed the reef that bisected the bay, piece by piece, using nothing but muscle and a few hand tools.

With the reef removed it opening up the bay to be the safe open ocean swimming location enjoyed by many today.

If you are keen on trying your hand at snorkeling and seeing fish in their natural environment, Mettams Pool is well worth a visit.

Access is easy with multiple entrance tracks, with facilities such as a Pergola, drink fountain, showers & public toilets.

Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool Beach Access

Mettams Pool is located at:
276 W Coast Dr, North Beach WA 6020

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