Lake Karrinyup Country Club

Lake Karrinyup Country Club and its magnificent clubhouse are situated at Lake Karrinyup. Strategically located at the highest vantage point of Lake Karrinyup, the club house is built of hardwood and washed limestone. The clubhouse over looks a well-filled lake and perfectly maintained golf course.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club was established in 1928. The golf course was designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie and Alex Russell (1924 Australian open winner). The construction was carried out by about 60 laborers of mainly Italian descent who had to endure months of sandflies and leeches during the construction phase.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club is located at:
North Beach Rd,
Karrinyup WA 6018
Phone: (08) 9422 8222
Web: www.lkcc.com.au

The Lake surrounding the golf course from which it took its name was initially known as the Careniup Lake. Pronounced differently by different people, the locals pronounce it as “Karrin-up”, while others not too familiar with the pronunciation usually say “Kan’up”. The Lake has played host to several top competitions like the Australian Open, the Johnnie Walker Classic in ’02 and ’03, to mention a few. Lake Karrinyup Country Club ranked 15th by the Australian Golf Digest rating amongst the 1500 golf courses that were sampled in Australia. Lake Karrinyup Country Club played host to the first ever World Super Six Perth which is part of a grand plan to revive global interest in the sport.

The Lake happens to be the main attraction on the golf course, and you can view it from
17 of the 18 holes. The bush settings surrounding the lake is home to over 50 different bird species and native flora. Kangaroos can also be seen in the bushes and shrubs surrounding the lake.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club superb design & immaculately maintained grounds make you feel like playing golf anytime you walk by.

As it is a private members golf course, playing is strictly reserved for members only and special guests. There is a driveway as you move downhill, and I tell you, the sight is a joy to behold. You would be left feeling really impressed with the well groomed trees lining the fairway and the stylish bunkers that are an essential part of the golf’s course defenses.


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