Why use a Mortgage Broker?

A lot of people are choosing to fly on these budget airlines, attracted by the advertised cheap flight. However in the fine print
you’ll find that you pay extra for luggage, meals, drinks, entertainment.

Choosing your Mortgage directly from a lender or an online advertised low price may not be that cheap or provide what you need.
You may not discover this until you are strapped in and already in the air.

What if you could get a concierge service to do most of the research & paper work for you?

A Mortgage Broker which is a lot like flying on a quality airline at no extra cost, along with luggage, meals & drinks included.
Just like a quality airline, here are 6 reasons to hand it over to a Mortgage Broker and relax.

1. Save Money:

Picking the wrong Home Loan could have hidden costs, just like a cheap airline.
As soon as you want to change something you discover the real cost. It’s not just a little bit more, it’s a lot more. After all this is how they make their money. They design their packages to cover the bare minimum and know that they have a lot of requests for changes. The worst part is you’re stuck, you don’t have any choice but to pay up.
Your Mortgage Broker working in the industry sees these pit falls and helps you avoid them.

2. Guidance and Advice:

During your consultation with your Mortgage Broker, you convey what you want to do with your property. Your Mortgage Broker is going to ensure that the lender you go with has the desired features.

You could plough though pages & pages of fine print yourself, however you could consult someone who has already done it.

3. Time-Saving:

Having a professional research your requirements is a massive time saver.
A Mortgage Broker knows the industry extensively, keeps up with the changes in law and lenders policy and is able to translate how that may hinder or benefit you.
You are borrowing their knowledge base they have spent years developing to assist with your transaction.

4. Avoid the Unnecessary Paperwork:

We like doing the paperwork.

Your Mortgage Brokers is here to handle the paperwork for you, taking a large part of the paper work process and managing it for you. Your Mortgage Broker will also handle coordinate settlement between lenders, conveyances, settlement agencies and a majority of the other necessary contacts.

5. Peace of Mind:

Just like flying on a budget airline, you take your seat and relax. Part the way through the flight you expect some refreshments to come around. You start to get thirsty so you hit the button for the flight attendant. Nothing happens, so you hit it again and still nothing.
You wish someone had told you that the service was so poor.
Your Mortgage Broker had heard the service was poor and would have advised you of it.

6. Avoid the Pitfalls:

Have you heard of the cheap airline that cancels the flight just as everyone is on board?
You are waiting to take off and the Captain cancels the flight due to technical issues.
The solution they provide is come back tomorrow and we’ll try again.

This could be expensive as you have so much relying on you getting to the other end.
Your Mortgage Broker operates at a level of professionalism above this and would have another flight on standby. As they know this happens from time to time they know how to fix it.


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