Why Use a
Mortgage Broker

I might be a little bit biased on this, but I believe there is some merit to making use of a mortgage broker.

A mortgage broker is independent of the banks as well as lenders on their board of lenders, and when carrying out the research on a home loan, will present a range of options that suit your requirements.

A mortgage broker will also create a long-term relationship with you, to assist with loans to purchase big ticket items now & into the future.
Your mortgage broker will also provide a regular review of your loans, to ensure the loan product you have now are still suitable for you as time progresses and your lifestyle changes.

Some benefits are:


  • Most mortgage brokers have access to over 20 banks or lenders on their panel of lenders, providing you with more choice and a higher likelihood of getting your loan approved.
  • A lot of brokers will allow you to make an appointment outside business hours that is more convenient if you can’t meet during business hours.
  • A broker has extensive knowledge of the lenders niches & special offers, giving you a lot of different financing options.
  • Deal directly with your consultant instead of being of hold with a lenders call centers.
  • They are working for you, not the lenders, to assist in sourcing the best home loan for your circumstances.

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  • Mortgage Brokers provide you with more solutions

  • Flexible appointments

  • Knowledge of lenders Niches & Special Offers

  • Deal direct with your Consultant – not a call centre