Australians are increasingly using a Mortgage Broker


A Mortgage Broker assists in securing a mortgage or home loan on behalf of an individual or business for the purchase of Real Estate.

Financial Institutions had a monopoly over the market for a long period of time provided their products directly to the general public with little to no competition.

Deregulation of the Banking System in 1985 has meant offshore financial institutions could enter the Australian market. Foreign banks could operate in the Australian residential lending market which resulted in more competitive interest rates and borrowers had a wider choice of lenders.

With a high demand for housing and more choice in loans available, the Mortgage Broker, being well informed of the market, came to the aid of borrowers. Assisting in navigating the influx of products and choices available, the Mortgage Broker helped their customer find the best loan.

The common perception is that picking a mortgage is simply picking an interest rate.

I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

With multiple lenders there are multiple lending policies and an application needs to pass through certain criteria even before getting to the point of selecting a product or interest rate.

Knowing which lender has a policy that suits a borrower’s circumstance can be the difference from a borrower getting their new home or missing out.

For instance, if the potential borrower had a fully maintained company car as part of their employment package. A hand full of lenders will add approximately $2,500 per annum to your salary which could have the effect of increasing your borrowing capacity.

Using a Mortgage Broker could help you find these niches within the lending landscape and benefit from them.

The Australian public are seeing the value that a Mortgage Broker can add to their lives, the ability to have a single point of contact coupled with the ability to access a range of lenders. Australian are increasingly using a Mortgage Broker to research the lenders policy to find the best match as well as a competitive interest rates & they even offer to take care of the paper work.

In 2012, nationwide 43.9% of all mortgage application approved, were through a Mortgage Broker.

That has risen steadily each year with 2015 being 53% of borrowers choosing to use a mortgage broker.
Western Australia is even higher with 63% of borrowers choosing to utilize the services of a mortgage broker.

Mortgage Broker

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  • Using a Mortgage Broker is on the rise

  • Find a niche within the Home Loan market

  • Specialist knowledge

  • Help with the paper work